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Two dead moths

julio 1, 2009

Sleep’s no good, man
what would you expect?
Cinderella sucks your cock
you don’t get any rest.
Hung up
did too much caffeine.
Summer’s on, boy!
But hold that dream
Moths conspire
to lick your eyes
Leaving black dust
so you can’t see

Do you really
Need to see?

The more psychotic I am
the higher that I feel
Freedom does not get around
it just gets around me
My cannots are all here
my cola can is there
Need a bit more of caffeine
struggling through my veins.

Addicted to love
Addicted to high
Addicted to self…

Purpling drops are dropping
from my eyeballs.
Want to drink some?


Where the eye stops seeing light (Demon of survivors)

junio 26, 2009

Well, well, well, well

Don’t try to defy me
As for I am the demon of life
Don’t you dare not to survive
I’ll control the karma flow

And when your life is not fully destroyed
In this open seas you’ll find a buoy
And your life is not fully destroyed
In this open seas go grab the buoy

Carry on, move on carry on

…Let those snakes swim in my marrow
It would be too bloody to take them out
We spirits are here to hear you shout
And set up a bonfire wherever you go

And when your life is not fully destroyed
In this open seas you’ll find a buoy
And your life is not fully destroyed
In this open seas go grab the buoy

When your eye stops seeing light,
happiness will be your McGuffin
a nonexistent piece of time
that is there much more than you think
but you can’t stop life going on
‘cause I’m the Demon of Survivors.

~~ Dedicado
a la que parece
no olvidar nunca


Veredict, Mr. Freud?

junio 16, 2009

Long desert Road
From Huelva to Cordoba
Driving, flying low

…Time is blank
we find this shack
and we stop by

She’s my life,
I hold a knife
Someone’s gotta die… yeah

Someone’s gotta die
Someone’s going to die, yeah

Now I’m her
The knife’s into his heart
I gotta call them
but now, how?

I call boss
Help me I’m lost
And he’s vanishing

Help me y’all
I can’t give a call
He’s not making it…yeah

He’s not making it
He’s not going to make it, yeah
And I can’t help my love my love
And ask him why to go
Why to show me his blood
If I can’t speak loud
and I’ve always love him?
Although this is just a dream…



junio 13, 2009

I learned that,
You can’t plan your luck
You can’t ask your life
After twenty years I’m like
I want my money back
Want my money

Seattle girl said she was sad
She kissed the guy that she loved
Something says life is a scam
Nothing is good anymore
I stopped expecting a dream
I am a man with no hopes
Everybody’s telling me
to wait at the shore

Tried to plan my luck
-You can’t plan your luck
Tried to ask my life
-You can’t ask your life
After twenty years I’m like,
all like
I want my money back
I want my money back!

En este mismo instante hace cuatro lustros que mi madre fue operada de cesárea por segunda vez.



junio 6, 2009

I’m the sun
I’m a spirit
I’m the moon
I’m the love
floating high
in this room

Uh, is that you?
Let me feel the magnetism
Uh, are you true?
You’re sparking with my rhythm

I’m no fool
I’m just ethereal
I’m a soul
is there a way
to be matter
in this world?

It’s so hard to find something in this world
what’s my goal?
where’s my goal?

Please hear me shout

Say it


Well I’m god

mayo 22, 2009

Well, I am god,
will you be my goddess if I asked you so?
Mortals would weave
a mural about our soulful love.
Time and Space
Will be yours to play
And I’ll let you to write my very own fate

Well, it’s just a game
I can be toyed with but I’ll know you had.
I’ll learn every switch
you pulled and see if it was good or bad
Teach me to smile
I’ll learn to get high
We’ll be born at the death of the light

Let’s be demons of the night
angels are just haters from the light.
I don’t want to be pure,
a mix with you would do good
We don’t need wings at all to fly

Is this what you wanted?
So this is what you wanted?
Is this what you want?
If it’s not I’ll just sing this song
and remember that I still am god,
so I then could fall in love again

A alguien que quiso.



mayo 18, 2009

It’s my health…

Then I come back
bearing a pack.
I’m not traveling,
but I’ll fly.
I’m not traveling,
I’ll get high.

There’s no drug for
that so-called love.
I was clean,
or so they said.
Lover of Breeze,
breathe today

I’m not joking
‘cause I was looking
into my soul, my so loved soul
And I found this:
If you can fix
any of your problems, do it…

And then you can complain.
Only then you can complain.

I will get stoned
On not being alone
Will I come back
to smile?
I don’t see why I
would not cry

But I’ll try.

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