Well I’m god

mayo 22, 2009

Well, I am god,
will you be my goddess if I asked you so?
Mortals would weave
a mural about our soulful love.
Time and Space
Will be yours to play
And I’ll let you to write my very own fate

Well, it’s just a game
I can be toyed with but I’ll know you had.
I’ll learn every switch
you pulled and see if it was good or bad
Teach me to smile
I’ll learn to get high
We’ll be born at the death of the light

Let’s be demons of the night
angels are just haters from the light.
I don’t want to be pure,
a mix with you would do good
We don’t need wings at all to fly

Is this what you wanted?
So this is what you wanted?
Is this what you want?
If it’s not I’ll just sing this song
and remember that I still am god,
so I then could fall in love again

A alguien que quiso.


2 comentarios

  1. Waw! (Voy a hablar en inglés, jeje, para no cortar el ambientillo)
    That´s simply, a perfect poem. It´s dark, like most of your work, but impressive, strong, beautiful…

    Just a question, is the image of your header from Sandman?


  2. Yes, it is. It was Carlos’ idea, originally a placeholder, but we liked it so we kept it.
    Thanks for your support ^_^


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